Meet The Caravaners

Take a moment to meet with the Caravaners themselves through their mugshot and an occasional wise saying.

Adriana Kelder and Paul Kirby

(Founders, Stage Director and Captain)

In 1970, Paul & Nans created and built the Caravan Stage Company, originally with horse-drawn caravans performing in a large tent. In 1993 they decided to change from land to sea travel. Four years later, the present theatre ship, Amara Zee, was launched. Always together, always nomadic, always performing, traveling and sailing through North America…

As we journey towards the horizons of our theatrical adventures, the two original Caravaners look forward to sharing more passion and poetry with the people of the Caravan birth waters.

– 2018 –

Abi Tamaken

Production Chef / Rigger

Alisha Davidson

Performer (Kanandra)

Born in Ottawa, Ontario Alisha graduated from Canterbury Arts High School then proceeded out West where she completed a three year conservatory acting  program at Studio 58. She has intertwined her talent and arts education becoming an educator herself with young kids, facilitating glee, improv and creative drama through the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama and the Toronto based arts organization, Art’s Express. Alisha previously played ‘Kasani’ in the Caravan Stage Company’s 2015 remount of Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire. She is thrilled to be back with her nomadic family touring the West Coast and telling this beautifully urgent tale.

Amelia Scott

Video and Projection Designer

Amelia Scott is a video designer, projection technologist, and new media artist. Based out of Montreal, QC, she uses scenic design and interactive performance tools to create interactive installations and public transformed spaces. She is also an instructor of Video Technology and Design at The National Theatre School of Canada.

Andy Riedl

Production Assistant

Andy is a studied civil engineer living in Munich, Germany. Working on various tall ships he fell in love with the sea. He’s looking forward to joining the journey of Amara Zee again one more time.

Angus Ta Orkon

Theatre Technician / Electrical Assistant

Anna Broncato

Lighting Assistant

Bronwen Moen

Propmaker and Puppet Designer

Carl Prey

Set Builder

Carl Prey will paint things if absolutely necessary, but he won’t enjoy it. He can be found building, fixing, repairing, and occasionally breaking all sorts of things, just not painting, please. Carl enjoys witnessing awkward situations, and appreciates a good hat.

Columpa Bobb

Assistant Director

Columpa has been wandering stages around the planet for 30 years now. 21 years ago she toured Caravan’s  first tallship production and her involvement in Nomadic Tempest feels very much like coming home.

David Parker

Sound Consultant

David Parker is a musician, composer, sound designer, digital media artist, music director and sound engineer. He performs under the name Slow Man Tofu.

Emily Hughes

Aerial Choreographer

Emily is a circus-theatre artist based in Toronto, Canada, trained at Ryerson Theatre School and immersed in the circus arts since the age of 8. You can find out more about Emily’s work at or at

Hannah Anderson

Performer (Xiu)

Hannah Anderson is a multidisciplinary creative, dedicated to creating and exposing new worlds, by any means possible. Based in Ireland, she specialises in spinning single-point aerial hoop and silks. @faerialist

Indiana Ballan

Performer (SwallowWart Five-Y)

Indiana Ballan is a French nomadic and self-taught artist. She likes playing and singing the human feelings, discovering their universality and sounding the infinity possibilities of art, beyond the borders. “The art is the mirror of the life which shows to the people capable of being moved, the strengths and the weaknesses of souls, the fatal consequences of their imaginative ecstasies, to obtain catharsis, the rise above the guilty vanity” Paul Diel.

Jett Oestreich-Cazeaux


Jett tends the fire of the Caravan spirit’s heart. Offering support, guidance & reassurance to new and returning Caravaners since 2016. Amara Zee is their home & home is where their heart is. They love dancing on the deck, don’t mind taking out the piss pot, have A LOT of gratitude for being fed (with food, laughter & love) and above all…has Paul’s back & loves morning hugs from Nans. PS Jett looks forward to the next time they show up out of the blue to catch lines at the next site somewhere along tour. Toi toi toi.

Jane Kirby

Aerial Choreographer

Jane is a circus artist who grew up in the suburbs of Toronto and makes her home in various cities in Eastern Canada. When not creating or performing, she is also a writer and organizer.

John Popkins

Set Consultant

John has worked as a theatre technician and designer for over seventeen years.

Jordan Watkins

Production Designer

How do we create art that is accessible, engaging, and relevant? I don’t have the answer, but I intend to find out.

Josep Comas

Lighting Designer and Operator

I am just a cable, light bulb man…

Krista Smithers

Performer (Cheam) 

Krista Smithers is a performing artist who specializes in aerial arts and fire dancing. She is known for integrating momentum, strength, and flexibility into her aerial performances. Krista recently toured the US with the Cherry Bombs, a rock n’ roll cabaret group based out of Atlanta, GA. She is looking forward to working with Caravan Stage Company.

Lindsey Sherman

Vocal Coach

Mad Hladky

Backdrop Designer and Painter

Madalyn Freedman


Madalyn Freedman is a sailor, artist, illustrator, and student living off-grid in Hilo, Hawaii. Her portfolio can be found at Madalyn first joined the caravan in 2013 and 2014 for transits between Houston, Texas, and St. Petersburg, Florida. She is stoked to have finally returned as a rigger for Nomadic Tempest.

Manuel Fregoso

Naval Mechanical Engineer / Rigger

Mariah Ralph

Performer (SwallowWart Five-X)

Marion Transetti


If I was an animal, I would be an albatross. If I was a flower, I would be a poppy. If I was a color, I would be the aquamarine. But the truth is that I’m a human being and as such I’m enjoying making costumes for the Caravan 2018!

Megan Tyndall

Publicity and Marketing Coordinator

Merlin Stone

Head Rigger

Mimis Monsivais

Performer (Lupe)

Miranda Ray

Tour Coordinator

Murielle Assing

Administrative Assistant

Naomi Moon

Headpiece Designer and Maker

Omar De la Tejera

Performer (Vardo)

Omar De la Tejera ha tenido una inumerable cantidad de influencias de toda clase desde la parte científica hasta la atística. Grandes maestros siempre han sido los niños y todos aquellos que se comportan como tales. La creatividad, el pensamiento lateral, los sueños y la contemplación son los guías que motivan constantemente a Omar De la Tejera.

Scott Thompson

Composer and Sound Designer

Scott F. Thompson is one of Vancouver’s busiest and sexiest audio artists.

Sharon Smiley 

Tour Cook

Stephanie Ferretti

Production Cook/Assistant

Teresa Callan

Performer (Amel)

Artist, Teresa Callan, has performed as an Aerialist for the English National Opera, in the 2010, 2012, and 2017 Olympic Ceremonies in Canada, the UK, and Azerbaijan, and the MTV European Music Awards 2012 in Frankfurt. Television credits include Will Young’s Music Video “Jealousy”, and Sky Arts and Entertainment promotion.

…”a fast moving circus performance with passion for movement”, World Skills, UK 2011.

Thibaut Causse


– 2017 –


Lindsey Sherman 200 by 200

 Lindsey Sherman

Singer – SwallowWart Five-X

Lindsey graduated from Point Park Conservatory of Performing Arts with a BFA in Acting in 2014. She is originally from New York. This is her second magical year touring with the Caravan.

Zia 200 by 200


Singer – Singer – Kanandra

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Zia joins us on her first Caravan tour from New York City. She is a graduate of University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she obtained her Bachelors in Music in Jazz Studies Vocal Performance.

Zoë Collines 200 by 200

Zoe Collins

Costume Designer

Zoë went to school for fashion design in Vancouver, BC and currently resides in Montreal, QC. A lover of costumes and problem solving, she is delighted that her skills are of use to this crazy caravan.

Jenn 200 by 200


Singer – SwallowWart Five-X

Jenn fulfilled their dream of sailing across the Atlantic from Florida to Portugal in 2016. Unwilling to occupy U.S. soil upon their return, and committed to finding work that would allow them to surround themselves with creative folks delivering strong political messages, Jenn is now using their manifesting and organizing skills in service of the Caravan.

Will 200 by 200

 Will Young

Interactive Media Designer

Will is an Interactive media artist from London, UK. He has swapped avocado on sourdough in hipster cafes for a space in a 3-up bunk and scurvy.

Oona 200 by 200

Oona Kilcommons

Lighting Operator

Oona is a recent dance and drama graduate from the mountains of VT, a lover of ensemble theatre and intentional community since childhood. Other adventures include studying Commedia in Italy, helping direct an ecofeminist summer camp, and having 17 nieces and nephews. This is her first tour with the Caravan!

Tracey 200 by 200

Tracey Wilkinson

Assistant Director

Tracey is a UK-based actress who works in stage, television and film. She has directed several shows in the UK and is very pleased to be directing in the sun. She started with the Caravan when the boat was a group of horses.

Popkins 200 by 200

John Popkins

Carpenter & Rigger

John has worked as a theatre technician and designer for over 17 years. He is thrilled to return to the Caravan for the fourth time as a Carpenter/Fabricator and Rigger. He is currently based in Toronto.

Nektarios 200 by 200

Nektarios Papadopoulos

Head Rigger

Nektarios used to do circus in his previous life. He joined the Caravan for the first time as a rigger during the 2011 tour. He is happy to be back, and still makes bad jokes in his free time.

Natayu 200 by 200

Natayu Mildenberger

Aerialist – Cheam

Natayu is a circus artist and dancer who trained at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada and École de Cirque Zofy in Switzerland. He is originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Naomi 200 by 200

Naomi Moon

Painting and Design

Mimi 200 by 200

Mimi Abrahams

Technical Coordinator

Vancouver to New York
Touring and Home
Try something new
Make it Go
Bad Haiku

Michelle 200 by 200

 Michelle Roche

Tour Coordinator & Assistant Cook

Michelle is an arts professional specializing in theatrical events in non-traditional spaces. Also resident dancing queen.

Markus 200 by 200

Markus Weinfurter

Some facts: Builder, sculptor, performer, documentary filmmaker, theatre person, jack of all trades, gypsy, savvy, nice guy, 9 years with the Caravan, German.

Maryke 200 by 200

 Maryke Simmonds

Prototyping & Production

Manatee GIF

Jordan 200 by 200

Jordan Lloyd Watkins

Projection Design

How do we create art that is accessible, engaging, and relevant? I don’t have the answer, but I intend to find out.

Jennings 200 by 200

John Jennings

Production Cook & Sound Designer

John is an English man escaped to the Pyrenees. Sound engineer and musician currently cooking (with love) for the crew.

Erin 200 by 200

Erin Cyffka

Aerialist – Xiu

Erin is a Los Angeles-based aerialist and contortionist. This is her first season with the Caravan.

Emily 200 by 200

Emily Hughes

Aerialist – Lupe

Emily is a circus-theatre artist based in Toronto, Canada, trained at Ryerson Theatre School and immersed in the circus arts since the age of 8. You can find out more about Emily’s work at or at

Jane 200 by 200

Jane Kirby 

Aerialist – Amel 

Jane is a circus artist who grew up in the suburbs of Toronto and makes her home in various cities in Eastern Canada. When not creating or performing, she is also a writer and organizer.

JD 200 by 200

 JD Frost 

Singer – SwallowWart Five-Y

JD is a performer and theatre artist originally from Hildesheim, Germany. This is his second tour with the Caravan.

Evan 200 by 200

 Evan DeRushie 

Video Projectionist & Animator

Evan is a stop-motion animator from Toronto, ON. This is his first time touring on the Caravan boat. Or any boat. More of Evan’s work at

Chelsea 200 by 200

Chelsea Mann

Props and Masks Designer

Chelsea is a puppeteer from the Florida swamp. She has created many original pieces of puppet theatre that have toured the U.S. and uses paper mache to create big and small puppet worlds.

Bliss 200 by 200

 Blyss Enns

Corporate Liason & Production Assistant (Nan’s minion)

Blyss hails from the Sidhehaven in the Pacific Northwest. When not being a theatrical circus pirate, she enjoys wandering in the woods, dancing naked in the moonlight, and singing showtunes in the pottery studio where she is an apprentice.

Dan 200 by 200

Dan Durica 

Ecovillage Coordinator, Accountant & Video Producer

Lives at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri. Being a snowbird to escape the globally warmed North and eat fresh fruit.

David Parker 200 by 200

 David Parker

Sound Designer & Sound Engineer

David is a musician, sound designer and interactive and digital media artist. Before joining the Caravan he was a web developer, but he is enjoying his new life as a pirate.

Gary 200 by 200

Gary Magwood 


Gary is an old friend and supporter of the Caravan Stage Company. His areas of expertise exceed the limitations of this brief bio!

Jane Clugston

Costume Designer 

Jane nearly ran off with the Caravan 35 years ago while on her way to a job at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Since then she has worked as an animator and prop builder at Will Vinton Studios, Jim Blaskfield Studios and Chel White Films. She is currently the owner-operator of the Belfry, a quirky little mask, prop and puppet shop in Portland Oregon.

Anna 200 by 200

 Anna Vigeland


Just as she was starting to run away from the circus, Anna met the Caravan—docked on a marina in Salerno—and joined without hesitation, trading her former life as an aerialist for a new one behind the scenes. After making choreography with the buoyant circus performers of Hacked (2013 & 2014), she came back for Nomadic Tempest, pulled once again by the art and momentum of the Amara Zee.

Charlie 200 by 200

Charlie Hamou

Carpenter & Production

Doria 200 by 200

Doria Bramante

Administration & Donor Relations

Bronwen 200 by 200

 Bronwen Moen

Masks, Scenic Painting & Props

Bronwen is an Artist/Designer from Montreal QC. This is her third production with Caravan and loves the collaborative magic of making characters and creatures come to life. To see more of her work see

Cameron 200 by 200

 Cameron Shook

Cultural Liaison 

Cameron is most excited to experience life on the boat, having been involved with many of the movers and shakers of its long history. He is also a cultural liaison for the Caravan Farm Theatre, the Amara Zee’s Canadian cousin. He is happy with the boat’s catch-and-release policy, without which he never would have got his family back.

Harry 200 by 200

Harry Shook

Research & Communication / Apprentice Captain

Harry hails from Armstrong, BC and is excited to be part of the Caravan odyssey. He enjoys script supervising, understudying the Swallowwarts, storm consulting and pushing buttons. Future plans include building lego-sized solutions to real world problems.

Ralph 200 by 200

Ralph McCutcheon

Shopping Wizard 

Ralph is a St. Petersburg, FL local with a long career in the arts – as tour director for dance companies, theatre technician, chef & shipwright for the HMS Bounty. Generously available to help local artists on sets & props, Ralph is currently working with Performing Arts Consortium of St. Petersburg on past & future performances.

– 2015 –

Alisha Davidson 200 by 200

 Alisha Davidson


Alisha grew up in Ottawa, Canada. She studied acting at Studio 58 in Langara College in Vancouver. Alisha is so excited to be part of the Caravan for the first time this season.

Clara 200

Clara LaFrance


Clara lives in Oakland, CA. This is her first season with the Caravan! She is a circus performer, as well as an instructor. Clara specializes in aerial fabric and trapeze! She completed her aerial and circus training at New England Center for Circus Arts.

Danielle 200

 Danielle Kaufman

Poster Designer

Danielle lives in Long Beach, CA. This is her first season with the Caravan. Danielle is an activist and an artist. Danielle believes in community, love, peace, music, poetry and sauerkraut!

Dave 200

Davey Steinman

Video Designer 

Davey is from Gillette, Wyoming. He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2010. Davey is a designer, an educator, a puppeteer, a projectionist, a motorcyclist, and musician. He believes in the power of music and pickle-sickles!

Jerry Rigger 200

 Jerry Atric


Jerry is originally from New Orleans! The 2015 season is her second season with the Caravan. Jerry takes on many roles with the beautiful Amara Zee, including cooking, rigging, and nightly musical entertainment on the ukulele or electric guitar.

Jove Smith 200

 Jove Smith


Jove grew up in Kansas, but has lived in many cities across America. This is his first season with the Caravan Stage Company. Jove is a musician, a poet, a writer, a painter, a performance artist, a singer, and a spiritual being.

lutz 200

Lutz Gock

Lighting Designer 

Lutz is from Germany! After 30 years of designing lights and sets in the US and Europe, he discovered the Caravan Stage Company. He has been a part of the company since 2010. He loves to love and loves to laugh with the many wonderful people he has met along the way. SKOL!

Natalie 200

Natalie Kulesza


Natalie is from Toronto, ON, Canada. She studied acting at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. This is her first season with The Caravan Stage Company.

Rachele Porto

Rachele Porto


Rachele is from Italy! She joined the Caravan for the first time, while the company was touring in Europe. Rachele was lucky enough to be a part of a few different Caravan productions. This is her second time touring HACKED in America and she is looking forward to revisiting her role. Va bene!

Richard Villa

Richard Villa


Richard grew up in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, he lives nowhere and everywhere and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Nick Swan 200

Nick Swan

Sound Engineer

Nick lives in Guelph, Ontario. This is his first season with The Caravan Stage Company! He received his BA in theatre studies from Guelph University in 2014. In 2007, he received a radio-broadcasting diploma from Fanshawe College.

Olivia Joy Brazza

Olivia Joy Braza


Olivia currently lives in New York City. She studied music and theater at the University of California. Her first experience with The Caravan was in 2009 and she is so excited to be back on the Amara Zee.

JD 200

JD Frost II


JD grew up in Hildesheim, Germany. He moved to America in 2010 to attend college in Pittsburgh. He graduated from Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts in 2014, with a BFA in Theater Arts, concentration in Musical Theater. After graduation, he moved to New York City and lived there for a few months before discovering the Caravan Stage Company. He is so appreciative to be a part of this community. The Caravan has opened up a new world of possibilities.

Lindsey 200

 Lindsey Sherman


Lindsey grew up in Rockland County, New York. She graduated from Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts in 2014, with a BFA in theater arts, concentration in Acting. After living in New York City for just a few months, she was lucky enough to find the Caravan tucked away in an industrial site in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Now, she is happy to call the Amara Zee home. Lindsey is thankful to all the Caravan has given her and is excited for all of the adventures to come.


 Ryan Scafuro

Film Maker

Ryan is an independent filmmaker and Local 600 director of photography based in NYC. Originally, Ryan planned to make a short, ten-minute documentary about The Caravan Stage Company, but was pulled in by the magic and is currently working on creating a full-length feature film. He may have started out as an outside observer to the Caravan, but he quickly became a part of the crew whether he liked it or not!

Seb 200

Sebastian Mciver


Seb hails all the way from Yorkshire. He is very distinguishable by his thick accent, rainbow bandana and really, really, really, really bad jokes. He drinks on average 20 cups of fine Yorkshire tea a day. Joined the Caravan whilst over in Europe in 2011 and decided to continue the journey for another year as the Amara Zee’s engineer. However, he also plays a major role as a rigger and a cook.


 Teagan Daysh

Production Crew

Teagan, from Adelaide, Australia, recently received her degree in marketing and management. She heard about the Caravan from past Caravaners, whilst traveling in the Caribbean. Her position as an administrator with the company is her first job in her field of interested and she is excited to be gaining first hand experience working in tour management. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging and playing guitar.

terrance jegaraj

Terrance Jegaraj


Terrance is from San Lorenzo, California. He is a graduate of UCLA, where he studied vocal performance. This is his first season with the Caravan and he is so excited to experience the journey! Terrance has a deep love for music of all kinds. He wishes to share his joy of a cappella choral singing with the Amara Zee crew. Namaste.


 Trevor Campbell

Video Designer

Trevor is from Oakville, Ontario. He studied at Sheridan College, as well as York University. Trevor has a background in theatre, mixed-media visual art, and marketing and communications. He enjoys meeting new people, laughing, and talking into banana phones.

Victoria Quine

 Victoria Quine


Victoria is from Bethel, Connecticut. She currently lives in Oakland, California. She is a competitive dancer, acrobat, object manipulator, juggler, and aerialist. She trained in circus performing at the National institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, Australia. She furthered her studies of aerials and acrobatics in Boston and then continued her training with the New England Center for Circus Art’s Professional Track Program.



Sound Engineer

Francesca is from Italy! This is her first season with the Caravan. Andiamo!

– 2014 –

Rachele Porto


Isn’t only Italian, she IS Italy herself ! After living in Barcelona from 2003 to 2008 and returning to Italy, she joined the Caravan, everything happening in a single day. What was an experience at the beginning became a lifestyle and it is now her third tour with the Caravan. Always with a smile on her face, everyone loves her sunny accent and the « Va bene » (Okay) she says so often.

Mathieu Pelletier


Grew up in Shawinigan, Québec. He made the jump to Europe when he was accepted in the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 2006 and barely came back to America ever since. He then lived and worked in Spain, Germany and Belgium. Getting in touch with the Caravan in 2007, it took him seven years to make the schedules fit, but hey, he made it and it was all worth it ! Now, the Caravan brings him back to his origins : right across North America.

Dilys Ayafor


Was born in France from Cameroonian parents (A diplomat and a teacher), but unfortunately doesn’t speak French because she moved to Ottawa when she was two. In 2010, she applied to Ottawa Theatre School thinking it was a singing school, but ended up studying acting… and loved it ! After school, she performed in « Ladies of the Lake » at the « Great Canadian Theater Company » and « In the Next Room : The Vibrator Play » at the « Gladstone Theater ». On board, little sunshine Dilys shares a constant positive attitude as well as a beautiful voice.

Lilly Donovan

Assistant Cook, Sailor and Backstager

Born in Melbourne Australia, she has specialized in props for musicals and worked as an assistant stage manager for « Circus Oz » in Australia for 5 years. Since last September, she was sailing on a tall ship as a crew member and ship’s cook until a friend told her about the Caravan. She then applied as a set builder for the production in Jacksonville, but missed it because of a long visa application and ended up touring instead thus mixing all her jobs of the last few years… and it tastes delicious!

Katie Davies

Lighting Technician

Was working at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, the oldest continuously opened theatre in Great Britain, when she felt the call of the Caravan. A few of her friends of her worked for the Caravan before, she had done sailing jobs, theatre jobs, lighting shows on a cruise ship, but the Caravan just seemed to have it all. It isn’t easy, but ultimately, she quit her job with Charlie to come on the Caravan… And here she is!

 Charlie Knight

Sound Engineer

Has spent the last year working as a flyman at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre when a friend told him about the Caravan. On a rainy winter’s day, he decided to go somewhere hot, on a boat with his friend Katie. They called the plan « Operation Pirate Summer » before knowing they would apply to the Caravan in order to be able to discuss the plan in secret. One day, after a particularly frustrating day at work, they applied together, fueled by strong coffee and dreams of a life at sea. Now he’s here, aboard the Amara Zee and the sound system is his instrument. Music follows « in the dust of his trail ».

Ron Hinton


Is a skill collector who basically repairs any sort of random things on this ship. He is always happy to repair or build anything that he can and is definitely not afraid to try something he has never done before. Born in Jacksonville, he started helping the Caravan as a welder and was then asked to join as a jack-of-all-trade Engineer of the Amara Zee.

Pauline Frémeau

Tour Coordinator & Video Operator

She has the difficult task of putting some order in the Caravan’s chaos: Visa applications, phone calls, places for the ship to stay overnight, PR etc. Previously working as a coordinator for many companies and festivals in France, cook and bar tender for the British circus company « No Fit State Circus » in 2013, then she wanted to travel more and keep working with crazy circus families. Now the Caravan offers her a nice balance between the excitement of sailing and the routine of her job… as long the Caravan can offer a « routine »!

 Zoe Sabattie

Aerial Performer

Discovered aerial disciplines when she was 14. She liked it so much that she wanted to stop school right away to dedicate herself to circus… She found a compromise by studying in a special high school programme in Chatellerault offering two hours of circus a day. She then went to Québec in 2008 to study in Québec’s circus school. After she graduated in 2011, she worked all over Europe, in Québec with Cirque du Soleil, in Nepal, on Cruise Ships and is now working with the Caravan since 2013.

Ruzhin Babaei

Ship Engineer, RIgger, Video Technician

Was born in Teheran where she studied computer software and then moved to England in 2007 as a student to study filmmaking. Funnily enough she now repairs everything except computers, from the abyss of the engine room to the rigging in the sky. When not on the Amara Zee, Ruzhin builds playgrounds in Africa with her company « Team Playground » . She is also a very skilled backgammon player.

Daniel Abadie


Was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Ontario in 1987 to escape Argentina’s political instabilities of that time. First finishing his studies in Voice Performance he then sang mostly operas in Ontario before progressively switching to musicals. After having flying and scuba diving lessons, he now ends up singing 25 feet high in a giant puppet on the Amara Zee.

Francis Stallings

Aerial Performer 

Grew up in Atlanta and moved to New York at 25. Before performing, she first earned 2 degrees in art : Sculpture and Art Education. After the second degree, she taught in Quito, Equador and kept travelling around the world for the following years. She started aerials at 27 and progressively began performing in New York City and teaching aerial. This past year, her interest in travelling and learning more aerial led her to Casa de arte y circo in Mexico City and several schools and teachers in California. The Caravan adventure presented itself shortly upon returning from California. Within two weeks, she joined the ship as an aerialist. She’s excited to see Canada, if she makes it that far in a ship without AC…

Jesse LaVercombe


Jesse LaVercombe grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and studied at the National Theatre School of Canada. He’s acted in various theaters in Toronto, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Fredericton, and in Newfoundland, and recently performed his solo show, Preacher Man (Published by Indie Theater Now, New York, NY), across Canada and in New York City. He was the composer for the epic parable/musical, The Life of Jude (Toronto SummerWorks), to be published this year by Scirocco Drama, and is a jazz pianist and songwriter.

Bernard Pearce


Champion of deliciousness, he was born in Louisiana in the area of Acadiana until he moved to New Orleans. Before getting on the Caravan, he was cooking for the movie catering « Tree Hugger Company » and working as a sound engineer in « Siberia », a music venue in New Orleans. Wanting to get on the water, cook and make audio-visual work, he found out the Caravan was the perfect combination. Life has been great ever since.

Claire Rouleau


Born in Quebec City, Claire grew up travelling according to her naval fathers postings and pursuits. No one would have anticipated her following in his nautical footsteps, but she inherited his sea legs and love for being on the water. Since graduating from Sheridan College’s music theatre performance program last May, work opportunities brought her from all over Newfoundland to Whitehorse, Yukon, and most recently to Jacksonville, Florida where she set sail singing with the Caravan. When she isn’t “washing that man right out of her hair” on the ukulele, Claire has been happy to take on the roles of vegan baker, berry picker, zumba teacher, lighting assistant and pin up want to be on board. She anxious to see where she will anchor down next!

Danny Wild


First toured with the caravan in the summer of 1989 for the show “Coal Forest” when he was 24 and the caravan was still horse-drawn. Coming back to the caravan every now and then because he loves it, it is now his 8th production as a performer, but he also conducted many workshops for the Caravan. When not on the Caravan, he works as a dancer in Toronto and Winnipeg.


Robbie Steen

Ships Bosun and Technical Director

I come from a tiny village called Sway in the heart of the new forest, England. Having spent five years traveling the world working on huge corporate cruise ships the Caravan & the Amara Zee is certainly bringing me back to what matters.

– 2013 –

Margarita Alevizou

Backstage / Co-cook

Born in Athens on 11 May 68 “It matters not how my personal odyssey brought me to the Amara Zee…what matters indeed is the nomad’s path where Art is Life’s expression – that is Caravan Stage and I am a part of it, as costume maker, as cook and as puppeteer.”


Bruno Barone

Singer / Actor 

Living in Milan, where he works as a performer, singing teacher and composer. Live, dream, keep on fighting and being SYB*


Edward Bramall

Sound Engineer

A Music Production Graduate who has worked with theaters for two years. Still makes it up as he goes along but don’t tell anyone!


Elise Briccolani

Co-Cook / Backstager 

With a BA in Social Anthropology I spend my time learning about cuisine and global fusion, and training in circus and performing arts. I recently co-founded a non-for-profit collective running inclusive projects in arts, education, community sustainability and environmental regeneration contexts.


 Linn Broden


I always wanted to join the circus. Already as a small girl I was doing acrobatics and trying to turn my body in weird ways. And now after many years of circus school, I did run way with the circus, this time with the amazing beautiful Theatre ship the Amara Zee. And as all of us here I am SYB*


Dario Bukovski

Filmmaker / Web Designer

After dedicating the whole of 2013 to an award winning documentary Nada’s Home, Dario is currently busy with his new croatian anti depression documentary with a depressive name “We All Need A Dream”. He never stops, yet always plays.


Fabio Constantino


The 22yr old that misses flights…well he is still SYB*. He enjoys doing acrobatic stuff, singing and making cloths. Like a pirate with hidden treasure his alter ego Paloma also loves to jump on board as well.


Lutz Gock

Lighting Designer / Backstager / Drydocker

After 30 years of designing lights and sets in the US and Europe, the last two years and the work on the Amara Zee “revived my wonder”.Thanks to all Caravaners and people we have met on those tours. LGL CONCEPTS


Sofia Goncalves


She’s the little Portuguese girl that never settles down. Always lost in the world she was found by the Caravan and jumped on board ready to sail and fly!! She’s now SYB*


Ivan Marović


Ivan Marovic is a music college dropout, and lover of abstract sounds. His ambition in life is to move to mountains someday and become a wise old man with long beard.


Maddie McGowan


From London she loves hanging off things and being high up in the air so circus was an obvious career choice. The chance to do this off a pirate boat was just too SYB* to turn down! When she finally quits such malarkies she plans on devoting some time to another love by working in an orphanage for baby elephants. Really.


 Seb Mclver 

Ship Engineer / Backstager

The Yorkshire man who doesn’t know a great deal but tries to, and is infamous for really, really, really, bad jokes and sayings such as Top banana, tops beans and good heavens. Lots and lots of love to you all.


 Hans Nussbaumer 

Puppeteer and Hands


 Nektaries Papodopoulos 

Head Rigger


 Rachele Porto

Actor / Singer

I used to drift where the wind blows with my broomstick…singing, acting and laughing freely! Now I’ve got the truly wicked possibility to do all the things I love and discover the SYB* I me, on the Amara Zee! Thank you Universe!


 Tom Richmond

Lighting Designer

Has been on the Caravan for a very, very, very long time.

– 2011-


 Anna Searle 

Video Artist / Graphic Designer / Video Technician / Backstager

Hailing from the courageous streets of Bristol Anna has a graphic design base which can be seen in her stylized and vivacious video creations. She savours manifesting audio visual experiences in performance based environments. Taking influence from the quirky chances in life and the beautiful people that fill it. There’s nothing better than letting inspiration take the wheel and going with the flow on the Adriatic coast.


Robbie Steen  

Lighting Operator

I come from a tiny village called Sway in the heart of the new forest, England. Having spent five years traveling the world working on huge corporate cruise ships the Caravan & the Amara Zee is certainly bringing me back to what matters.


Stephane Verma 

Actor / Siger

Has been studying classical singing in London for the past 5 years, performed in operas such as The Barber of Seville, The Marriage of Figaro and Tosca has produced concerts in France, India and the UK. It is Stephane’s special fortune to perform on the magic stage of the Amara Zee.


Markus Weinfurter 


Markus, can’t put that guy in a box. So who is he…well basically himself but does a lot of stuff in the traveling school of life. He loves challenges and lots of creative people around him, so mind and body stay in movement.


 Renee Benson 

Vocal Coach / Silent Observer / Doppel Keks Provider / Believer

Renee Benson hails from the “Planet Earth”. After performing with the Caravan for three years, she returns as a vocal coach and musical entity. She resides in Vienna, Austria as a professional singer and cultural inquirer/snake charmer.


Aline Blanc 


As an aerialist, Aline travelled from Brazil to South and North America and Europe, performing for TV, cinema, circus, theatre, opera, for years. Returning from a mystical experience in the East, flows of inspiration bring her to a new stage of her life.


Nicole Bowman 

Singer / Actor

Nicole is an actress, singer, songwriter, radioshow host and playwright. Love yourself, celebrate your life, and embrace your spirit! It’s beautiful out there!


JB Cassagne 

Engineer / Backstager

Once upon a time in a very deep forest, an enchanted mushroom gave birth to a magic jibibich. Fast as a slug, sharp as a goat, he used to travel around the world looking for the golden pelican. And then, one day on the Amara Zee …


 Jem Furlong

Chef / Chief Money Spender / Back stager

This wacky hacky sacky Aussy naked chef hails from West End, Queensland and is currently a student of the world, exploring the lands with a grand adventure in mind, a blues harp in her back pocket and a funky groove to her step.

anna (1)

Anna Kastrissios

Stage Manager / Puppeteer / Co-cook

A bubble in a stream, a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream. Rippling earthly meridians, leaving a wake, tiny cells shinning like stars.


 Cihan Kuscu

Head Riggers

Working as a rigger, industrial climber and special effects specialist for movies, commercials, live shows and concerts with his company in turkey-he likes to make people fly.


Eamon Mac Mahon

Videographer / Photographer

Raised in the wilderness of Western Canada, photographer/videographer Eamon Mac Mahon has spent most of the past 10 years on the road, in the air, or at sea. His photos have appeared in publications including National Geographic, the Walrus and the New Yorker.


Sara Meigge

Italian Tour Coordinator / Video Techician

Do you have bio? No.


Angola Murdoch


Angolas childhood was spent in Canada finding things to hang upside down from. She grew up and now does this professionally. So when the opportunity came to hang from the mast of a sailboat she jumped on board.


Alex Myers

Rigger / Backstager

Alex is excited to be back for her third tour with the Caravan. She loves theatre, sailing, and her family on the Amara Zee.


Alisoun Payne


From beautiful Vancouver, Canada. She loves outdoor performance and often performs on the sides of buildings back home. As a terminal thespian and lover of boats and the sea, this performance is like her wet dream. BLOG


 Walker Reisman

Engineer / Backstager

He rocks Petes speak easy in new Orleans. In his 4th Caravan season, Walker has been promoted from chief engineer to cook and then demoted back to chief engineer.


 Andrew Scorer


Based in Toronto, Canada he has performed in more than 100 shows including 5 with Caravan Stage. He still believes in elections and has even been a candidate with the green party of Ontario.


Evelyn Stavrinidis

Stage Manager

I adore theatre. It’s a medium I believe in. I’ve known for a long time now that I want to live this industry and the Caravan are who helped me see this, as well as what it is to live a dream.


Tim Steer

Sound Engineer

Tim is a freelance sound engineer from England who can’t think of anything particularly amusing or interesting to write about himself (no-one reads these things anyway, right?)