THANK YOU for a spectacular
2018 season!

Join us in 2020 as the Caravan tours their new show, VIRTUAL ROGUES.

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Nomadic Tempest: 2017 & 2018 tour

Nomadic Tempest takes place on the traditional, unceded Homelands of the Coast Salish people. Unceded means that this land was never given as a gift, traded, surrendered, relinquished or handed over in any way… More information about our latest show

Fotos and reviews

『 ” I was uncertain what to expect, and walked onto the wharf with excited curiosity as it was an experience to witness an artistic display on a venue with an industrial past. Like the rest of the audience, I was spellbound and impressed by the inclusive and diverse nature of the performance, with the languages, instruments, videography, etc. While thoroughly entertained by the vocals & acrobatics, the performance has found me reflecting on how our actions and decisions of today must consider the impact on the generations to come. May we provide a sustainable and safe future for our grandchildren. I sincerely hope that Sooke will find a spot on your roster in the years to come, and would proudly welcome you back with gratitude. ” 』

Maja Tait, Mayor of the District of Sooke, 2018

『 ” Caravan’s Nomadic Tempest is truly wonder-filled. Something wholly original. It moves at the pace of nature, mesmerizing and grand. It has some wicked technical chops. One of a kind. You will never see anything else like it! ” 』

Frank Moher, Artistic Director, Western Edge Theatre, Nanaimo BC, 2018

『 ” Terrific. Magnificent. Amazing. Colorful. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Diverse. Informative. Creative. Healing.
Heartening. Thoughtful. Stunning. Loved hearing the different languages. You folks are super to have worked so hard to provide this for us. Thank You. ” 』

Ann Jacob, Director, COMA COMMUNICATIONS, Victoria, BC, 2017

『 ” The Nomadic Tempest production was extraordinary, breaking the boundaries of playing space, immersing us inside the visual spectacle. Song surrounded us, a story-teller was behind us, as the ship transformed, revealing a myriad of playing spaces; vertical, horizontal, both theatrical and filmic. The connection between venue, site, form, content and design was
sensational. This was a beautiful, confident production, full of surprises & technical mastery. I support this company without hesitation because of their unique staging and incisive voice. ” 』

Lois Anderson, Director, Actor, Sessional Instructor UBC, MFA, September 2018

Sponsors 2020 & 2021 tour

The Caravan Stage would like to acknowledge the support of the following Companies & Organizations, whose contributions enable the Caravan’s continued success.