April 5, 2014

White city

Hi Everyone


The last couple days were really nice. We sailed from Fort Walton Beach to Panama City through a beautiful river. That area was really wild. No human, no bridge, no electric cable, no cars, no train … it’s so rare these days to find such places . Nature is so quiet . If you spend some time without making too much noise on the deck , then you can enjoy all kinds of wild animals. Yesterday we saw eagles parading over our heads . Incredible bird species are offered to us here .
We are now docked at White City, in a small port, very quiet. Some of us had their first swim in the river last night. The evening was so warm, it was delicious. We had the joy of being awakeed early this morning by a fishing competition ! thirty boats were around us. While we raised the mast , the result of the competition were announced . We could not imagine a better time to hang around and be offered 6 beautiful fresh fish.
Bernard and Madelyne our great chefs will cook up a good meal for tonight, my mouth is watering already.
White City will definitely be our home for a few days untill the weather turns better.

I can already feel the air changing and see black clouds lurking around us .
hopefully , it will not last too long.
Soon for new adventures.



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