April 19, 2014

The word of the chef

We crossed Lake Okeechobee today.. We head north for Jacksonville on Saturday. Or did we cross Lake Okeechobee yesterday?.. Aboard the AZ I tend to lose track of the days and where we are exactly at any given moment. It’s sort of a wonderful luxury… One thing I don’t lose track of are the number of eggs or sticks of butter aboard the Amara Zee.. currently there are 56 eggs, 6 of which have been hard boiled and decorated with a black sharpie by Markus… It’s Easter weekend after all… oh yea and 10 sticks of butter…

As the cook aboard the ship my day to day focus is of course to feed the crew. I do my best to pay close attention to the dietary concerns of my ship mates… “too spicy!”, “No Butter!”, “No Meat!”, “Where the hell is the meat?”, gluten free, diary free, “more cheese please!” ‘What do you mean you forgot to buy raisins!!!’ “Do we have any granola?” “Well darling we have no granola at the moment”.. “but there are some lovely rolled oats available for your enjoyment”…and lots of raisins!

We need a NEW REFRIGERATOR!!! Oh sorry, did I write that in all caps followed by three exclamations marks? pardon me.. it gets hot in the AZ galley and today was no exception. I may have lost a few brain cells from all of that heat… oh yeah we could use a new electric stove as well…but seriously it’s pure pleasure to cook for my ship mates. Down in the galley I grill up goodies as the Amara Zee sways back and forth like some kind of Creole Queen swaying her hips, sashaying down the side walk The Amara Zee sways gently from port to starboard across the Gulf of Mexico, across Lake Okeechobee carrying her crew safely in her embrace.. she’s a beauty and I adore her, my ship mates, and this voyage!


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