March 1, 2019

Caravan 2019 has the Amara Zee ‘on the hard’

For a Refit at Shelter Island Marina, Richmond BC and creating a new show for 2020

In 2019, the Caravan will be working like busy Canadian beavers on the Amara Zee…fabrication new stainless steel leeboards, repairing and renewing all the wood works on the decks, coamings and chart house, designing and installing new floors with water dams on all the portholes, sandblasting and painting the entire hull, under and above water, and checking and repairing the steel under the running decks, installing solar panels which will double as an extra stage platform.
Yes, a long list that will consume a lot of time, energy and love… with the aid of a BC Gov Job Creation Program to hire and train unemployed persons in ship building and ship maintenance skills.  This Amara Zee work will start in March and go to the end of September.
So there will not be a tour in 2019, but, we are creating, composing and work-shopping a new show for the next season…2020 the 50th season of the Caravan Stage Company.