April 1, 2014

The Pleiades of the Seas

Good Evening !


Today was another beautiful day, sunny and warm. Direction Gulfshures for tonight, welcome to alabama !

Here is Pauline by the way, I wrote the last posts on this Blog.

From today, I will post sometime our dear caravaner’s words.

Starting with Doria :

The Pleiades of the Seas

  Biloxi wanted more but we couldn’t possibly
So off we roll into the kind of morning sun
That uncloaks the weary and opens the spirit to the infinite.
With the clouds and sea iced in gold and glory we make way.
Amara trotting along with purpose and poise
This is what she is made for.
Her elegance is grounding.
Reminds me I am made for it too…

With grace like I have never witnessed
Appears a single dolphin in the waters of our bow
She enters our momentum like joining a Grecian line dance
And swims with us
Side to side
to side to side
to side
The smile on her face is one of pure content.
There is nothing in the wide oceans of the world
she would rather be doing today
(I feel the same way)…

After a long while of weaving
Our lady dips out of sight
And I am ready to call it the best day of the sail so far (granted we are only at day 2)

But again,
out of no where…
She returns

This time bearing not one,
Not two,
Not three or even four…

But five! Then six!
Seven of her sisters

Seven goddesses at our bow jumping and
weaving through each other
In pure delight.
All of the sudden I am thrown back to the beginnings of this caravan stage
And feel it is actually these
Mighty ladies who are bridled and bringing us along our gilded path.
A chariot of friendship and magic.
Never, have I ever, seen such a sight.

Text and Fotos by Doria Bramante


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