May 21, 2014

The Amara cure


Pictures by Bronwen Moen

Last week end was very exciting for me and the whole troop for different reasons: There were 3 birthdays on board and my parents were visiting me. I must admit I was thrilled and also a little scared of having my parents visiting me: I didn’t know how they would react. Talking with Lutz, our light engineer, I was told that the Amara Zee would help me and my parents… It sounded metaphysic, but it actually did happen.

First they really liked the ship and the vibe of the crew just by seeing them. Even though my mother barely ever left Quebec, where she lives literally in the forest, without any neighbors, and never even took a metro, the contact just happened naturally. Everyone was so nice to both of my parents and they just felt wonderful talking to all these new people. They weren’t polite, they were actually really enjoying themselves. This phenomena just went even further the night of my birthday, my mother ending up dancing (even with her osteoporosis) with half of the crew and my father taking pictures with a big smile in his face even though he never takes pictures (but he does smile).

It was the first time my parents ever visited me since I left Québec 8 years ago and it was fantastic to share these moments with them. So even though living 5 Months on a ship maybe isn’t for everyone, visiting the Amara Zee definitely does some good to anybody doing it.

What about me? I now got 29 and it was certainly one of the best birthday of my life! I never had so many people doing so much to prepare the perfect birthday evening (with Alice in Wonderland as a theme)… And Rowen’s carrot cake was tasty tasty!

So all that happened between Saturday night and Monday morning, just a short break in the tight schedule 4 weeks before the opening. We performers have to be very careful with our voices, because there is a lot of singing involved and once the voice got hurt, it is hard to get it 100% back…

Yep, that’s it, folks!

Mathieu Pelletier

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