May 3, 2014

Slowly complete

Dany arrived some days ago and the cast was set. I don’t know if the captain would like me to announce the cast, so I won’t do it, but everyone seems very happy with their role. Now only our Kasani is missing, but hopefully, she’ll be with us soon. We are now looking for a Set builder, metal worker, which makes even more work for Paul and Nans who already work very hard.

      The last couple of days have been rainy… After everyone got sunburned, now we get wet! It makes it more complicated to move between the production space and the ship, since walking becomes a much harder option. I tried writing on different websites to get more bikes donated… we’ll see!

    Even in the rain, we had a great party night yesterday. I have the feeling it makes the team even closer and will help us to work better. I could’t think of anyone in this group who doesn’t like another person and it’s great. Having a common goal really brings people together!

    On Monday we will keep working on the songs we started to learn. I am really excited we started to work concretely on the play, I really enjoy the work. Let’s make an awesome show!


Mathieu, performer

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