July 9, 2014

Sail From Jacksonville to Portsmouth (VA)

Pictures By Claire Sabattié

(Text written in June 30th By Mathieu Pelletier)

We are now sailing since a week. After the production phase, where we would basically do everything in group and would barely have an hour of free time in a day, the sailing is a total change of beat. We are divided in three watches : the Red Watch, the Green Watch and the White Watch. The first watch generally wakes up at 5 and sails from 6 to 10, then the next watch take over until 2 P.M., then the next from 2 to 6 P.M. and then the first one takes over again until arrival at the next marina if necessary. The captain, who spent up to 14 hours a day on watch at the beginning, is starting to sleep more as we learn how to sail on the Amara Zee.

So it means we have 4 hours of watch a day, but also that we spend the whole day on the ship, all twenty of us. On good weather, we can go on the deck, but the sun is too strong, so we have to look for shadow. When it rains, the inside of the ship becomes very crowded and the air circulation becomes bad because the windows we have to close. So the best is to have wind and some light clouds, then it is very comfortable. Most of us started to read a lot I personally finished Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” and now started Tolstoi’s “Anna Karenina”. It has become a much more interior and personal journey through this time spend alone, but at the same time, spending so much time on watch together makes us feel even more like a team.

And then every night we get to know a new marina. We are very welcome in most of them, people are very excited and intriged when they see the ship and there is always one of us to answer their questions. On some nights everybody goes to the beach or in a local pub; on others, everybody just falls asleep at 10 o’clock… It depends a lot. The only constant thing : this is an incredible experience !

So thanks to everyone reading this and thanks to all the sponsors who help make this possible !


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