June 22, 2014

Ready to rock!

After a very intensive “crunch time” filled with late rehearsals, hot days singing and not many hours of sleep, it was a total change of beat to pack the ship for the beginning of the tour and even more to set sail this morning.

The preparation was much less difficult for the vocal chords and kind of relaxing for the mind too. At that time, staying in the shade as much as possible and drinking water constently became very important under the sun of Florida. I think it all went pretty smoothly and efficiently. It was great to all work together after working in little teams during rehearsal.

Now even though Jacksonville has been so welcoming to us, I ended up feeling “dusty”, I needed to move. So leaving this morning was a great joy for me. I just don’t get tired of watching the landscape scrolling in front of me and really love the sailing lifestyle. There is something meditative and contemplative into it. And when the shift is over, I don’t feel this need of doing so many things like in Berlin where I live. When the Amara Zee is sailing, just watching at the landscape or the clouds is somehow enough and it feels fulfilling. Sailing cleans the soul.

So we just started a new emotional beat of our journey. The show is ready, we now left “home” for real and are trully living the nomadic life everyone was looking for. And it started well: Our first stop, Fernandina beach, is a beautiful old floridian town with historic houses, a colourful downtown and… a laundrymat were half the crew is washing their clothes right now! We’ll be a clean crew!

For the next 10 days, we will be sailing to Portsmouth and I am really really happy thinking I will enjoy 10 other days of sailing… Life is good!


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