May 31, 2014


just over 2 weeks until opening!!…

(…there is lots to be done!)

It’s a sweet and salty process, a labour of love, a hustle, a bustle, a negotiation here, a sail or two there, some patience, more patience and a lot of impassioned, often awe-inspiring work. Hard, creative work coupled with hard, creative play and ever-present problem solving of the most inventive kind. It’s woven into the fabric of life with the Caravan and it’s all in a days 9-5… or 9-8 as the rehearsal schedule ramps up.

Slowly and miraculously, giant Mammon masks are coming to gnarly life, silks and aerialist are falling from the sky, lights are beginning to dance, songs are taking up residence in the hearts of the performers, scale of justice, compression cages and ziplines are rigged, sponsors, donations and show sites secured, moments captured, costumes lovingly stitched and meals lovingly cooked. The summer storms have moved in and are keeping us on our toes with their quick visits of cooling and invigorating rains and thunders. Batten dow the hatches! We are inching towards hurricane season here in northern Florida.

…all this from the deck of

our beautiful home, the Amara Zee, at the crossroad of Gator Bowl Blvd. and Fire Station Rd. in Metropark Marina where we are docked and JaxHax, the awesome maker space dedicated to “keeping Jax weird,” where our production crew is working.

Interspersed with our work is moments of magic, driftwood beaches, Jazz and songwriter festivals, new Jacksonville friends helping us with our manifesting, dress up parties galore, a mystical lake in the southern Georgian woods, laundry on the line, B-ee-rr-u-n-s and so on and on and on!

I am ever grateful for these friends becoming family whose talent hasn’t ceased to amaze me, for the lifting up in the moments of down and for making this adventure so grand. For the open waters of the St. John’s river with its fearless currents, for the dolphin visits and thelusive manatees and for the egrets and Canadian geese who have welcomed us with open wings, mostly, to the neighbourhood.

And lastly, as the one and only Danny Wilde would encourage, we’re keeping it sexy for Amurica!

Wishing you the happiest of summer times and can’t wait to cross sails.
Much love y’all!

Dana, performer

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