Length Overall: 27.5 meters – 90 ft
Beam: 7.2 meters – 21 ft
Draft: 1.5 meters – 5 ft
Mast Clearance: 27.5 meters – 90 ft, 17.68 meters – 58 ft., 6.1 meters – 20 ft.

The Caravan Stage has generators, but if shore power is available, The Caravan Stage utilizes:  3 phase 100 amp service- for Ship service terminating in a Hubbell 5 pin connector, 220 volt 50 amp box at tech booth with both 120 volt 20 amp & 15 amp receptacles, Two  220 volt 30 amp & 50 amp receptacles.

The Caravan arrives in each community as a complete performing facility including all the living accommodations for the entire troupe on the ship.

The main logistical requirement is a dock or park bulkhead suitable for providing comfortable seating for the Caravan audience on the dock or in the adjacent park.

The front row of the audience seating should be no closer than 9 metres – 30 ft of the ship and the back row should be within 60 metres – 150 ft of the ship. The docking arrangements are detailed in the Caravan booklet available upon request.

During show times-The ideal height from the surface of the water to the platform surface of the dock or bulkhead is between 60 cm – 2 ft and 1.80 metres – 6 ft.

Producers: Paul Kirby and Adriana Kelder


The Caravan mandate is to create original works of contemporary theatre and perform these shows free to a diverse and popular audience in cities along the waterways of North America. The Caravan normally contracts with a Community Government or Downtown Sponsor. Our contract establishes a performance fee for a minimum of two shows to a maximum of five shows in each city. In turn, the shows and the deck tours of the ship are free to the public. The Caravan does encourage each city to present the performances free of charge in order to provide a full and equal opportunity for all citizens to experience this unique artistic phenomenon. The average Caravan audience is in the range of a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 1500.

Adults and children were delighted and enthralled by your two productions: A Whale of a Tale and The River Show. Over the four days several thousand people came to see the performances and the Caravan was the featured attraction of our third annual Working Waterfront Weekend. All of the events received excellent media coverage and generated a tremendous amount of attention for our waterfront.

The combination of water themes, unique music, intriguing stage sets combined for a captivating performance. Public feedback from you event has been tremendous and I look forward to your arrival next spring.

Arne Abramowitz Deputy Commissioner Dept. of Recreation and Parks White Plains, New York
“Waterfest is ‘America’s Most Watched Boat Parade’ and one of South Florida’s largest signature events drawing over 800,000 people to the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway….Your stage was incredible and very unique. Because of your efforts to create such an incredible showboat display you won an ‘Overall Best of Show’ for your category.”
Lisa B. Scott Executive Director Winterfest Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
“Marina di Cala del Sole was pleased to host the Caravan Stage Company and the ship Amara Zee from September 2011 until July 2012.

The Caravan Stage Company is unique and original, able to attract an audience and generate cross cultural curiosity and communication. It is a presence that can give great visibility to the ports that host them, but above all, an opportunity to know extraordinary people.”

Director of the Marina di Cala del Sole
Mr. Salvatore Geraci
Licata, Sicily, Italy