Nomadic Tempest: 2017 & 2018 tour

Nomadic Tempest took place on the traditional, unceded Homelands of the Coast Salish people. Unceded means that this land was never given as a gift, traded, surrendered, relinquished or handed over in any way.


“I was uncertain what to expect, and walked onto the wharf with excited curiosity as it was an experience to witness an artistic display on a venue with an industrial past. Like the rest of the audience, I was spellbound and impressed by the inclusive and diverse nature of the performance, with the languages, instruments, videography, etc. While thoroughly entertained by the vocals & acrobatics, the performance has found me reflecting on how our actions and decisions of today must consider the impact on the generations to come. May we provide a sustainable and safe future for our grandchildren. I sincerely hope that Sooke will find a spot on your roster in the years to come, and would proudly welcome you back with gratitude.” — Maja Tait, Mayor of the District of Sooke, 2018

”The Nomadic Tempest production was extraordinary, breaking the boundaries of playing space, immersing us inside the visual spectacle. Song surrounded us, a story-teller was behind us, as the ship transformed, revealing a myriad of playing spaces; vertical, horizontal, both theatrical and filmic. The connection between venue, site, form, content and design was sensational. This was a beautiful, confident production, full of surprises & technical mastery. I support this company without hesitation because of their unique staging and incisive voice.” –Lois Anderson, Director, Actor, Sessional Instructor UBC, MFA, September 2018


“Caravan’s Nomadic Tempest is truly wonder-filled. Something wholly original. It moves at the pace of nature, mesmerizing and grand. It has some wicked technical chops. One of a kind. You will never see anything else like it!” –Frank Moher, Artistic Director, Western Edge Theatre, Nanaimo BC, 2018


 “Terrific. Magnificent. Amazing. Colorful. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Diverse. Informative. Creative. Healing. Heartening. Thoughtful. Stunning. Loved hearing the different languages. You folks are super to have worked so hard to provide this for us. Thank You.”  –Ann Jacob, Director, COMA COMMUNICATIONS, Victoria, BC, 2017