March 25, 2014

New Orleans

Hello everyone!

Our first day of sailing was great. We set sail on Saturday from Lafitte towards New Orleans with a crew of 14 people. We had the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunny day on the river. We left the Bayou to reach the Mississippi River going through wonderfull landscapes. Taught by the most experienced, our youg new sailors has started to learn how to navigate the Amara Zee.
We thought we would have up to a two day wait to get trough the Algiers Lock into the Mississippi River and then another 2 day wait to get out of the pback into the Intra Coastal Waterway, however with the daring help of the local Lock Masters, we sailed by all the waiting tug barges, and went right into the locks. We arrived at our friend’s new Marina * just on the edge of New Orleans at 21:30 in the evening. It’s a beautiful place, near the huge Pontchartrain Lake .
We had an amazing day off on Sunday. Everybody went into town, discovering or re-discovering New Orleans, listening to nice music, hanging out in the French Quarter, eating great food….
Now we are sitting here waiting for the “bad weather” to subside and blow south, and then we will cross the Mississippi Sound and sail east to the Florida Panhandle and then across the Gulf to south Florida *

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