October 31, 2014

Missing Tree

End of September 2024…

Somewhere in the Gulf Islands of Puget Sound, WA…still waiting to get back to Canadian waters…  

I miss the full steam ahead enthusiasm and intensity of the Hacked cast and crew on the opening night in JAX.

I miss the full steam ahead enthusiasm and intensity of the Hacked cast and crew on the closing night in Red Hook.

And in between and betwixt I miss… greeting the returning Caravaners and the new Caravaners on to the Amara Zee…the sailing from dawn to dusk to get to Portsmouth…the arrival of Hurricane Arthur…the fulsome terror of Hacked unleashed on the innocents of Port Hoof…the salute of the Ferry Captain as we set sail to terrorize the next town…the visit of the Chesapeake Tornado…the departure of Chesapeake Tornado…the new t-shirts soaked in Vane-ity…the evil looking water spout slathering up the derrière of the Amara Zee…the deaf defying spin in Chesapeake City…the splendors and sweet odors of Bi-Valve…the hold-yer-breath sneak round Cape May…the arrival at Yankee Ferry…the sail up northern memory lane aka NY Harbour…the turn into Ossining… the re-union with our very own Mini Mammon…the sail up the Hudson to Hudson…the Pearly Gates of Canada no longer opening for the Amara Zee…the long voyage to Athens…the loving embraces of Owen and the Terror-ifics of Ms NoNo-NoNo…the Athenian Woo-emans of where is Dilys…and come to think of it, where is Dana…where did those campers go…the speeding tickets issued to Red Watch on Highway Manhattan…the lovely rafting tunes of Charley and the Sawering Huckleberries…where did those Red Hook audiences go…the intoxicating en-capitulations of E/Sad’s improvised lyrics…the enrapturing beauty of E/Sad’s imperial butterfly lyrics…the maze of wondrous peoples at the Cli-Maties March…and the lovelies of dem Caravaners on dat final night of Hacked shows in 2014.

But most of all I miss all those morning greetings and good night salutations and smiling eyes from Rachele, Dilys, Dana, Miss Claire, Danny, Zo-ees, Mr.B & Katie, Charley, Mathieu, Sandra, Ron, Donovan, Jesse, Daniel, and the Good Morning Lets Meet Robbies!

I do not miss the sweet mornings and good nights with Nans because she is still willing to let me ride with her, ten years later, as we sail into some harbour in some unknown island refuge…to perform a new show to a new audience!

Love ya’all!



Cast & Crew of Tour 2014


The Last Supper of 2014


Last Supper of 2014

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