September 3, 2014

Hudson River

Like most of you probably know, the Amara Zee had some kind of disagreement with transport Canada concerning its status as a « Pleasure Ship » and the captain decided to stay in the US for now in order to save the current tour. The next shows in the US being those in New York at the end of September (Now even starting mid-september), we had about a month of shows to find in the US. Spontaneously stopping in Hudson NY, we were really well received by the city. It was a hard shot for most of us to learn that we would not go to Canada, since many of us have family and friends there they were planning to see. Well at least, the Hudson river is a beautiful area and the audiences here are liking the show very much. We are know performing a set of shows in Athens for the second week and people are very grateful to have such a show in such a small village. We had to adapt a lot and change our expectations, a lot of us were disappointed and all of a sudden had to help with PR and booking even though it wasn’t their original function in the group, but I think now that we booked shows in Peekskill for next week and are probably going directly to New York afterwards, now that we know we’re going to make it and perform every week, the morale is rising again. I believe we now all understood that going on an adventure is not just about fun and action all the time, but also going through difficulties, crisis and even moments of inner emptiness maybe being to worst of it all. The very positive aspect at the moment being is that we get to perform more though sailing less and we are mostly through this crisis and it makes the bond between us stronger. Having fun together may makes us like each other, but going through hard times makes us really be there for each other, this is where real friendship begins.

So now we have another 2 weeks on the countryside before we get to Red Hook, Brooklyn for a last set of two weeks in New York. The show is always getting better, so if you are any close to New York during the next month, come and see us!

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