April 15, 2014

Home & Family…


We are now in Moore Heaven, Here is the last post by our dear Lighting designer : Lutz. Enjoy !

… two very pregnant words and everyone seems to use them in a different way. Me, well I just traveled 5000 miles from my home in Everswinkel, leaving my newly found family with – Christina and Christof, Daniela, Mia, Lilly, Noah, Vincent and Phylis – behind on our farm,  flying to my home and my thespian family on the Amara Zee – (in Florida for the time being).

In both cases, the longitudes and latitudes do not matter much, its the people, the love and respect for each other, the space and the moments we create together, which constitute a true home and family.  So right now I am with many people I love, on a sail to Jacksonville, Florida. A sail just as live goes, with much excitements, very peaceful, loving moments and new challenges every day. We will arrive around the 20th in Jacksonville where we will create a new Show with 40 artists from all over the planet, trying to make people aware of the everlasting struggle to do right by this world. Being a part of this Family, on this beautiful ship (Amara Zee) for the past 4 years, has thought me more than I ever expected and is continuing to do so with every nautical mile we travel. So with these words I say “Thanks for Being” …, to my family in Germany and to my family aboard this vessel. I am looking forward living and working with all of you, the ones who have been here before and all the new brothers and sisters arriving every day from now until beginning of production in Jacksonville … and welcome to the family.

By Lutz Gock

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