March 31, 2014

Hi everyone

Today was a great day.


We finally left New Orleans and Louisiana for a 12 hour journey after a week stuck there because of bad weather. We got up at 6 o’clock in the morning just in time with the sun rising. The colors of nature this morning were just incredibly beautiful: the sky was pink, orange and yellow, reflecting on the water. It looked like a painting.

This is the best moment in the day, everything is so quiet. Nature is waking up slowly, the first birds start parading around the boat, some fishes jump over the river… the purring of the Amara Zee sounds like a lullaby this morning.

Slowly left the Mississippi river towards the Gulf of mexico. We are now running alongside the coast. It’s 6 knots windy and we are sailing around 6.5 nautical miles per hour. It’s a little bit windy, the Amara Zee move gently from port to starboard and from starboard to port…. In rhythm.

Fortunately, the weather is with us, it’s bright and sunny.

Step by step, everybody is finding their place, learning or teaching how to sail the ship, guided by the dolphins….

Tonight we will be in Biloxi (point cadet marina), Mississippi.

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