April 25, 2014

Here is a text written by Mathieu, performer

 Rehearsals started today. We don’t have the whole cast yet, but we still got to start the voice and body training this morning. Funnily enough, I was getting land sick during the training: I had the feeling that the wood pavilion in which we were was moving! Suddenly, I also had too many thoughts at once. In the Amara Zee, time stops and I can’t think about future or past, only now exists and it’s wonderful. But then standing on the ground, or more exactly the floor of a pavilion, I started thinking too much again and couldn’t hold my balance on one leg because the floor was “moving”! Luckily, the training was great and it could channel these extra thoughts. 

  Later we started reading the script, also hearing at the music. We then had to move the ship at the end of the day, just some meters or some even more feet away. I was mostly observing and was amazed seeing the group so focused, all working together. The sunset was adding to the beauty of the moment. In an era dominated by individualism, this is beautiful when people really work as a team. 
   The team feeling is coming to existence astonishingly fast. Some of us just arrived a day or two ago and it feels like we always lived here together. As I am writing, it is 10 o’clock and the Amara Zee rocks us smoothly, gives me a feeling of peace. People play checkers behind me, others talk outside on the dock where the night is delightfully fresh and I sit in front of a computer… I should join them, good night! 

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