Hacked…Treasure of the Empire

The Caravan’s 43rd season in 2014/15, was an experimental musical created right off the headlines and news of the international media conglomerates.. an operatic theatre fantasy featuring a Band of Virtual Pirate Hackers who have “revoked” the “Treasure of the Empire”. 



The HACKED plot revolved around the machinations of the Mammon trying to find the “Treasure of the Empire”…the whereabouts known only to the Hackers. The Mammon must find the Treasure of the Empire or else the Mammon Corp Regime will collapse. This Caravan show explored the quest for freedom of expression, in political & social discourse, within the multiverse world of the internet & virtual media; examines the ubiquitous presence of the machinations of surveillance; and probes the ethics of the dissolution of the public, democratic control over the justice and penal systems.

“HACKED is a great show that is artistically world class with a socially relevant message that most of the world’s population suffers austerity and wars! Thank you Caravan!”
–Craig Berggold, Media Artist, Teaching Fellow, Queens University

“The Caravan has done the crazy impossible thing again. I enjoyed the humour & vastness of the story and beautiful design of the lighting & video. Caravan is always a great experience!” –Rosa Stella, Director, Center for Indigenous Theatre, Toronto

“The Caravan delivers productions of experimental opera that might be described as Cirque du Soleil meets Occupy Wall Street. Features outlandish props, circus acrobatics and aerialists dangling from the ship’s rigging.”–Corey Kilgannon, NY Times, Aug 2014