April 2, 2014

Drift wood

Now landing in Fort walton’s beach (Florida).


Our amazing cook Madelyn wrote a nice poetry for you all, Enjoy :


If sometimes I’m a piece of driftwood
Then the Amara Zee is the raft I’ve
Floated into and clung, entangled
And sometimes now I even steer her
But today there was a moment –
I had to swerve around a buoy to avoid a shallow stretch –
We found ourselves at a crossroads
A junction of three waterways
And there! So close, the wide wild
Gulf, which we were not prepared for-
And for a moment, it seemed at the helm-
No one knew which way to go
The whole ship was a bundle of
Driftwood, or drift-metal strong and shining
In seconds we determined our predestined course
And I am grateful for this (temporary) purpose
In a community so brilliant and alive

By Madelyn Freedman

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