Command Performance 2010/11

Command Performance is an original operatic dance-theatre work featuring a traveling “GMO Troupe” that is invited to perform at a Special Secret Meeting of the G6 Nation Leaders on board a Corporate Super Yacht floating offshore in the Adriatic Sea in the year 2010/11.


Command Performance is about choice…choice over the future…the future of our individual lives, and the future of the human species. The play asks what is going to be the guiding principle in our moral states, in our social relations…is it our own choice or is it a process of genetic selection to a standardized “ideal” of human biology and culture? Will our lives be governed by natural selection such as they have been for eons or will our lives be governed by controlled genetic & DNA selection? In ancient and recent times, we have reinforced our normalcy by putting freaks on a stage, allowing us, the audience, to embrace our ideals of corporeal equality…pushing the Frankensteins, the Calabans, the Elephant Men, the Siamese Twins, the Bearded Ladies into a social geography of Fasci-nation but not Our-nation.

I saw you performance tonight in Tivat and i have to say that it blew my mind. Keep doing what you are doing because it’s really making a difference!” — Milica Bijelovic, Tivat, Montenegro, July 17, 2010

“I liked your Caravan Stage show. I really liked the special effects. Director was great, grey but gold worthy. I wish you good luck on the tour.” — Dina Pavlovic, Tivat, Montenegro, July 19, 2010

“What a great spectacle and huge effort by such a talented team of creative engineers and artists. Best wishes for the future.”— Tim and Katie, S/Y Monty B. Tivat, Montenegro, July 17, 2010