March 21, 2014

Welcome to the Caravan 2014 Tour!

Here you can follow us in our incredible adventure trough the east coast of the US.


We are now in Lafitte, south of Louisiana, deep in the Bayou.
We have a very industrious crew here in Lafitte. Everyone has been working hard for the last 2 month to get all the new set pieces, aerial apps, and new elements on the Amara Zee: Markus and Doria from Caravan Romanceville, Pauline from Franceville, John Popkin and Ayla from BCitis, Tom Rindge from Shakespeare & Co, Paul White from Caravan past, present & future, Andy Lamb from many tours ago and to go, Bernard and Madalyn our wonderous chefs and saloon delight, and Phoebe from the Land of Passion and Play.
Today we depart our dear Lafitte and set our sails for Jacksonville, some 1100 miles to the east and 21 days of travel around and across the Gulf of Mexico, through the middle of Florida and then north passed Cape Canaveral and on to the St. John’s River and Metro Park in Jacksonville.
Looking forward to meeting the full company there. 40 crazy funky caravaners are going to produce the new caravan show “HACKED… the treasure of the empire”, which will travel on the east coast of the United States, from Florida to south Canada.
Bon voyage !

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