April 13, 2014

Another 3 days on the Amara Zee… The Gulf of Mexico !

Hi !

After having spent a week in White City, we said goodbye to some crew members, who had to get back home : A big thank to you, John , Ayla and Luke for your presence and energy. You will be missed. Lutz , from Germany , our lighting designer,joined us for the sail and the prodution time in Jacksonville.

We just arrived at the beautiful Marina of Cape Coral, after three intense days of sailing through the Gulf of Mexico .

After a wonderful first day on the river, calm and sunny , we crossed the gulf for two days and two nights straight.

The two watches on board, Green and Red watch, steered the beautiful Amara Zee , trying to adapt the course to suit her moods ( the lady is sometimes capricious ) . Watches took turns every five hours . Everybody on his position : Bow watch , Helm , Navigation and the watch leader. The bell was rung every hour so that everyone could change their position.

The first night was very calm and peacefull . Carried by a gentle breeze , the Amara Zee moved at a perfect speed to enjoy the night sky lit by the moon ( almost full ). Some of us slept on the deck when we were off, rocked by the waves, It was delightfull…

The second night on board was a little rough. The red team (Nans , Paul White , Andy, Madalyn and Lutz ) was surprised by the wind at half past midnight . Wind, 15-20 knots, making the boat swing from port to starboard . The green team ( Markus , Doria , Pauline, Tom and Bernard ) , woke up a little earlier than expected by all the fuss and took over at 1:00 in the morning. It was a good test to see if the crew woul be subject to seasickness. Fortunately nobody was sick. Just very wet after two hours of water splashing on the deck.

We reached Cape Coral today around 13:00 in a beautiful healthy sun, everybody safe, sound and happy …. And looking forward to crossing Florida along the Ookachobee waterway.

Pauline (Corrected by Lutz and Adriana ! )

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