Amara Zee

The Caravan Stage Company has a most unique theatre venue — a 90 ft tall ship, the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre. After 20 years of touring contemporary professional theatre the Caravan now tours its innovative theatrical productions on to the deck of the Amara Zee, a unique Ship Theatre. In the summer of 2013, after sailing and performing in Europe from 2005 to 2013 (see voyaging routes) the Caravan returned to North America to continue sailing in the US and Canadian rivers, lakes, seacoast and waterways.


Consider the number of people, communities and cities on the shores of all the rivers, inland waterways and coastal waters in Europe and beyond. Consider reaching these people with a theatrical venture that comes to them on the very waters that lap their harbours and waterfronts. Consider watching a show being performed on the deck of a tall ship with the natural elements always at play: the audience sitting on the earth, with the backdrop of the water and a roof of open air! This is what you have with the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre.
The design of the ship is based on the traditional Thames River Sailing Barge blended with the best of contemporary marine and theatre technology. With its shallow draft of 1.2 meters and its self-lowering masts via on-deck winches the boat can access virtually any waterfront community. The Amara Zee incorporates the sailing masts and rigging for the scenery, light and sound equipment and special effects. The shows are staged on the entire deck, on the masts and rigging, on the water and land surrounding the vessel.
The audience enjoys the performances from shore while sitting on the grass, canal bank, or portable seating.The performances of the Caravan Stage Company embody the long tradition of traveling theatrical productions with their combination of innovative stylistic staging, imaginative music and dance, and colorful entertaining themes. The shows are all original productions expressing the issues and concerns of people inhabiting the environment of the 21st century. The Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre integrates text, poetry, video, humor, music, movement, masks, props and special effects into a magical theatrical experience that is both compelling and inspirational.Since its founding in 1970, the Caravan has provided invaluable opportunities for young people from all sectors of our multi-faceted society.
Hundreds of people have learned the craft of theatre while experiencing a demanding living environment in which to develop self-reliance, individual confidence, and motivation.. In this way, the Caravan can provide a sustainable model for harmony and diversity.The Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre is a floating venue which crossing the realities of the present while connecting the bank of past images and ideas to the far shore of possibilities.

The dream is painted with dance, song, music, poetry, social diversity, sails, wind, artists, and joy. The Caravan Stage Company goal is to infuse your community with the mystery and surprise of a traveling troupe performing theatre, which for a moment in time, breaks the boundaries of the institutionalized conditions of everyday life, transporting you to a dream time.